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Small Businesses optimizes self reliance, risk taking and entrepreneurship that makes America great. However, one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses is what to do about health insurance for their employees. There are many complex issues such as regulations, affordability, and attracting the best talent. These issues require support that only large companies can afford. Double Health USA, as a small business itself is committed to providing the level of support that large companies get with insurance issues, to the greatest degree possible.

For example small businesses with less than 50 full time employees could do the following with their health insurance:

  1. Provide no health insurance
  2. Provide Health Insurance under the Affordable Care Act Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), with the potential for tax credits.
  3. Providing Health Insurance through the regular (off –Exchange) group insurance market.
  4. Providing a fixed contribution and providing employees with a private Exchange to help them choose their own health insurance plan.
  5. Providing a fixed contribution and assisting employees with the Federal or State Exchanges, where they may be eligible for tax credits and subsidies.

Double Health USA is committed to providing the professional assistance to select the above or options that best suits the needs of the Small Business.