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According to an extensive 2010 survey by Gallup, low income Americans face more emotional and physical health problems, engage in fewer healthy behaviors, and have less access to medical care than higher income Americans.  This is in spite of the fact that Federal and State health programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare Assistance, and Special Needs Medicare Advantage programs are now in existence.

The sweeping changes offered by Health Care Reform, driven by President Obama, offer even greater unprecedented opportunities for health insurance and, consequently, access to health care for millions of low income citizens.  Income and other eligibility requirements for Medicaid will be widened for states that accept the new Federal paid program.  In addition, millions of under- 65 Americans above the Federal Poverty levels will now have access to subsidized health insurance without pre-existing condition barriers.

However, all of the new and existing programs will never achieve the goals and full potential of helping low income Americans, unless low income citizens have full knowledge and understanding of the programs available to them.  Double Health USA was created to educate this population on the programs that are available and how to select and maximize use of these programs.

The Pilot Demonstration Project for Medicare/Medicaid Dual Eligibles in Michigan and other states, further accentuates the need for Low Income Seniors to thoroughly understand government and private programs and to make the choices that will be best for them. Double Health USA is committed to helping low Income Seniors:

  1. Understand the programs that they are eligible for
  2. Understand the concept of managed care
  3. Understand how Medicaid and Medicare programs will coordinate and integrate.
  4. Evaluate and decide what plan features are most important to them
  5. Select the plan that is best meets their needs


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