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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has given most individuals the ability to purchase affordable health insurance for the first time.  The ACA accomplishes this ground breaking feat by:

  1. Eliminating pre-existing health conditions as a barrier to obtaining health insurance.
  2. Providing tax-credits and subsidies to lower and middle income to make health insurance affordable.

The Federal and State Heath Exchanges (Market Places) provide a central clearing house to help individuals determine their eligibility for government programs, insurance plans, and tax credits and subsidies. However there are many moving parts that individuals should have some understanding of such as Federal Income Tax. Individuals also need to understand important details of the insurance plans offered by the Federal and State Exchanges (Market Places) in order to select the best plan for themselves and their families.
Double Health USA, is a registered Agent on the Federal Health Exchanges, representing 34 states and the Maryland Health Connection (DHUSA will be registering with other state exchanges in the near future).  This means that Double Health USA is authorized to assist Individuals with

  1. The application process.
  2. The selection of the plan that best suits the needs of the Individual and Family.
  3. The enrollment process.
  4. Trouble shooting problems that may occur during all of these processes.
  5. Trouble shooting problems after the Individual is enrolled.

Double Health USA can assist individuals by

  1. Providing soup to nuts assistance of all or any of the processes involved.
  2. Providing problem solving support for those individuals who would prefer to navigate the Health Exchanges (Market Places) themselves – (If the Individual indicates that the Double Health USA is assisting them on the enrollment form).

Since Double Health USA is compensated by Insurance Companies and Plans, there are NO costs to Individuals who use Double Health USA services. The price for the selected Insurance plan is the same whether Double Health USA is involved or whether the individual does everything themselves.   

For those individuals with higher incomes, Double Health is committed to helping Individuals analyze, select, enroll, and trouble shoot Health Exchange options and other off Exchange options to come up with the best solutions for that Individual. There are NO costs to Individuals for these services.


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