Real solutions for real people

Double Health USA is a Nationally Licensed Independent Insurance Broker. We only work with “A” rated or better insurance companies. We were founded by four insurance professionals who together have over 100 years experience in Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Community Health Programs, delivery of health care services, and related fields.

DHUSA staff has extensive experience working with individuals, and with groups in large, medium and small companies and unions. We have worked with persons experiencing company downsizing and job loss, as well as those facing the challenges resulting from retirement. In our past jobs, and in our present endeavor, we pride ourselves most on delivering the best in customer service.

Executive Profiles

Dave Kee
Dave is the CEO of DHUSA. Dave was the Vice President of BCBSM responsible for National Chrysler/UAW Accounts and the UAW National Retiree account. He is a licensed Health and life insurance agent in 34 states and is certified on the Federal Facilitated Market Place (FFM) and the Maryland Health Connection.

Matt Thomas
Matt is the Regional Vice President of the DHUSA Southern Region. He was the Chief Operating Officer of Preferred Healthcare Ltd., and the CEO of Preferred Health Systems.

Alonzo Mitchell, III
Alonzo Mitchell is the Regional Vice President of the DHUSA Midwest Region. He was a Regional Vice President at Preferred Health Care and held a variety of management positions, at other mental health and substance abuse managed care companies. He has significant experience in the training and counseling of adults and adolescents.

Barbara Nagrant
Barbara is the Director of DHUSA Marketing and Operations. Barbara has over 30 years of varied and extensive experience at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Barbara’s last assignment was the Director of Managed Care Operations.